NeoBux (kwah)

Script Summary: This script provides detailed statistics for your Neobux account and referrals (eg: ages of referrals, recent income/outcome averages, plus more!).

This is a complete rewrite and improvements of the Neobux script made by uriburi206, later translated by jm2t and later maintained by Oselamet. 

This script is designed to put lots of information available at your fingertips to help make managing your account at Neobux a much simpler task =].

You can download it from here:

The script I have installed on my machine is also mirrored at so if you have any issues with the copy, you should check here to see if I have an experimental fix in the works =] 


NOTE! Must view rented+direct refs listings & personal stats/summary first, then the referral stats page and 'view advertisements' pages in order for the script to setup correctly.

  1. Make sure that you are using Firefox [1]
  2. Make sure that you have Greasemonkey installed [2]
  3. Install the script using the 'install' button on this page (top-right)
  4. Click OK to the first two alerts and then fill in the information about your account (how long you renew for / number of refs) NOTE: If you would prefer to have the script automagically detect the information:
    1. Click cancel to all of the messages
    2. Visit your Direct Referrals page [3]
    3. Visit your Rented Referrals page [4]
[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -


As of v3.1 you no longer need to visit about:config to edit the settings. Instead, you can click the logo in the top-right corner of the screen and edit the information there!