Second way

First of all, what are Direct Referrals?

Direct - Visitors who visited the site by typing the URL directly into their browser. 'Direct' can also refer to the visitors who clicked on the links from their bookmarks/favorites, untagged links within emails, or links from documents that don't include tracking variables (such as PDFs or Word documents).

Referral - Visitors referred by links on other websites. (Links that have been tagged with campaign variables won't show up as [referral] unless they happen to have been tagged with utm_medium=referral.

Okay here we go.

As you may know, the referrals is one of the most important keys to earn money here in neobux, if you really want earn money without investing,you have to get direct referrals (more direct referrals, more earnings!!) so i made tips that gonna help you out.

do it right and you will get a lot of referrals!!

okay let's start.

How many contacts you have on your favorite messenger (MSN for example)? Each one of them could be your next direct referral!
A good tip to draw the attention of your friends is to change your nickname to something like "want to make money
on the internet like me? Speak with me".
Many can ignore, but the closest friends will want to learn more by thinking (and well) than you would never fool them.

If you are on a chat you can always try to pull the "make money on the Internet" subject to the conversation,
and if the chat rules do not prohibit (always take attention to the rules) will be a great way to advertise your
referral link.

Create a simple and short text which explains what you do to earn money on the internet and include your referrals links.
Express yourself in an informal manner and characteristic of your personality, after all you are sending an email to your
list of friends who you naturally do not usually deal with "you"!

This method must be used in moderation, you will not want to be "boring" to be always talking about the same right?
But attention, never send emails to people outside your contact list because SPAM (unsolicited email) is against
the terms of Neobux.

Note: as i said, never send email to people that you even don't know,because its called SPAM, also i recommend send an email
every 20/30/40 days , i mean don't send email daily because people could get mad this one mail is enought you cant make people to be your referrrak just because you want.

There are some forums about the subject earn money on the internet where you can share knowledge, ideas, and also participate
in "referrals currents" or links exchange where two people combine to be referrals of each other in different sites.

But you can also get direct referrals in other forums by editing your signature.
If the forum rules allow, you can add a banner or a referral link about Neobux in on your signature and
then every time you post a new message, everyone will see your links.

There are hundreds of online communities on the internet, and for sure you are registered in at least one.

One of the features that all have is the possibility of having a profile with your data, and you could add something
there related to Neobux and show your referral links at the same time!
Many of your friends will notice and want to contact you to learn more.

ADVERTISE YOUR LINKS. ( This is the only not free way )
Although our goal is to make money on the internet, why not experience the other side and spend some money on advertising?
As you may already be used to see, most PTC sites display ads about other PTC sites using the referral link from the buyer.
Is not guaranteed that you will get direct referrals with this method, but works very well in case you want to advertise

This is the tip that gives more work, but I believe it is the most effective.
If you begin to get tired of repeating the same explanation every time you speak with a new person about the your sites,
then you should create a simple website or blog with all the info and then give the link to many persons you know!

NOTE: this last advice could be the best of all the tips. But There are already many blogs and websites which speaks about Neobux.

Source: NeoBux Forum