This is a great new tool that will help many of you that often forget to renew referrals and learn the hard way that there's no turning back. Now you can stop looking at the clock and enjoy what you're doing.

I'll leave you with the AutoRenew FAQ which is self-explanatory:
AutoRenew is the automatic renewal process of your rented referrals.
Contrary to AutoPay which will work only when a referral makes his/her first click for a day and will extend for one day the referral's deadline, AutoRenew works every day (*) and prolongs your referral’s deadline based on your chosen renewal period and time before expiration.

You can enable AutoRenew in your rented referrals listing page the same way you do with AutoPay.

Before enabling it the two following options will be given:

  • Period: This will be the exact period for which the referral's rental will be extended. You can choose any of the usual manual renewal periods (15, 30, 60, 90, 150, and 240 days) to receive the benefit from the related discounts for each period (except for the 15 days one).
  • Before: The time before the expiration when the automated renewal will be triggered. You can choose any of the available number of days and your referral will be extended if the rental deadline is the same or below the chosen number of days.
(*) AutoRenew will only be attempted for each referral once per day. If you have no funds in your rental and / or main balance or some unexpected error occurs, the referral(s) that weren't renewed will be only checked again approximately 24 hours after. We advise you to choose a higher number of days between the first renewal check and the referral's deadline, so that you'll have the most chances of getting all referrals automatically renewed. It's your responsibility to have enough funds for the renewals and always check if any referral has failed to be renewed automatically.